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Disaster Planning and Exercise Design
Too frequently, emergency and disaster plans are developed in the ideal world of an office environment and never see the light of day until they are needed for a real emergency. This is not the time to find out your training program or worse yet, your plan is not adequate to meet the needs of a real life disaster.

Disaster and emergency planning is the cheapest insurance any company or business can buy. How would you protect your most critical business resources? What are your most critical resources? What should your staff do in an emergency like a fire or tornado? How do you account for your staff following an emergency? These are just a few of the questions that our professional emergency management staff can answer before the emergency happens.

Exercises are training scenarios designed educate staff, test the effectiveness of existing plans and identify improvements for those plans. At EMSI, we believe that these exercises are the best form of staff education for their specific roles. Our exercises are designed first as educational tools teaching as well as evaluating plans, policies and procedures.

From a simple one hour tabletop discussion exercise, to a full scale multi-day exercise that involves local emergency response organizations, EMSI can develop and produce an exercise that will meet regulatory requirements, educate staff, evaluate and prove that your plans will be the best possible in the event of a true disaster.