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Safety and Risk Management Solutions
Safety specialists agree that there are clues and unseen hazards that place businesses and workers at risk. Most business disasters can be prevented thorough a comprehensive evaluation of the risks a business faces and a sound hazard mitigation strategy that limits those risks. These risks not only place the business and staff at risk from physical harm, but there are many local, state and federal regulations that all employers must comply with, but few are familiar with. Violations of some of these regulations can cost businesses thousands in fines and civil penalties.

Emergency Management Services, Inc. can provide you with the experienced professionals who have developed a system of evaluating your office or facility. Our staff then makes recommendations based on regulations and sound safety practices that can eliminate or minimize hazards that put your business at risk.

Emergency Management Services, Inc. offers an EMSI Safety Self Assessment© which walks business owners through a simple evaluation. The EMSI Safety Self Assessment© is completed by your staff and sent back to the EMSI offices for our evaluation. Based on your assessment of your facilities, we return to you a series of recommendations which can reduce the identified risks. The EMSI Safety Self Assessment© identifies some of the most commonly found hazards in a medical office, business office, or small business setting. It is not recommended for larger organizations or businesses which may contain more complex issues.

Our on site assessments are our most comprehensive safety and risk assessment products. Making site visits to your office to get first hand information about your business and work practices provides the best picture of your unique work environment. Conducting research into your physical facilities, products used and work practices gives our safety staff a clear understanding of the hazards and risks you face. A comprehensive report is developed with recommendations based on applicable regulations and sound safety practices.